Information Design

I was set the task to design a poster for Woody Allen’s romantic comedy Annie Hall in the style of Cranbrook, and so I immediately researched into the style of cranbrook and created some rough designs, the problem I faced with this brief was fitting the Cranbrook style into a romantic comedy genre, which means it must be kept lighthearted.

Below is my final design for the romantic comedy, the bitmap eggs refer to a quote taken from the film.

annie hall poster.jpg


Personal Project

In order to explore my individual style and portray my passion in regards to graphic design I was set the task to create a project which highlighted these facts. Immediately I knew what I wanted to base my brief on, animal rights, more specifically, cosmetic testing. ┬áIt’s a subject I am passionate about and would like to be more actively involved in, in the near future.

After exploring various ideas I made the decision to create an app for a smart device, the app would feature products that are not tested on animals, cruelty-free products. This idea expanded and I intended to create a cruelty-free cosmetic line under the same name and design style as the app in order for viewers/customers to easily recognize.

The final name for the app and cosmetic line, Chubby Bunny, is a fun play on words it’s related to the animal theme and is easily recognizable and catchy.